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Wedding Reality TV – Love it or Hate it?

When it comes to wedding planning, reality TV can be hard to avoid! With Don’t Tell the Bride, Bridezillas, Say Yes to the Dress, I Found the Gown, Curvy Brides Boutique plus others and with many having offshoots in different locations and running for several series, you could binge watch them for days on end.

Despite owning a bridal shop and being surrounded by beautiful dresses, I find myself watching them too, but sometimes I love them and other times they seriously make me cringe ed-italia.com! Here’s some examples why a dose of reality can be great and other times not so much…

Happy Tears?

ARGHHHHHH seriously this is one particular point that drives me crazy. Reality TV literally bombards us with brides and their entourages bursting into tears over a particular dress, to the point where some brides actually base their decision on whether there have been tears or not! Talk about pressure for you lovely ladies!

So lets get something straight… TEARS ARE NOT COMPULSORY! Yes it’s an emotional decision and it’s totally understandable if you do shed a tear, but it doesn’t mean you love the dress any less if you don’t. You’re likely to have a “moment” where it will just click in your head that this is the right dress and if that means you’re beaming from ear to ear instead of blubbing into a tissue then it will still be a fabulous moment for all concerned.

Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Misters…

The entourage a bride takes with her dress shopping can vary massively, both in size and the people she chooses to include. I would always recommend keeping it to 2-3 people max (read more about that HERE) and Say Yes to the Dress is FABULOUS at demonstrating why. Some of the group members seem to have totally forgotten the bride’s feelings before they come out with their comments, as honest opinions frequently come across as insults. Other times, there’s so many people it’s hard to keep up with who likes what. I’ve just found a clip from one episode where a bride took 20 people with her… ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH?! Remember ladies, opinions are important but the most important one is your own!


That was my attempt at a dramatic sound effect in case you couldn’t work it out! Because OH THE DRAMA! Those moments when you see a bride going back for a fitting and wondering if she’ll still love the dress, or God forbid she’s lost or gained weight! Seriously, some of people on these shows should win an Oscar for their reactions and the words they choose to utter.

Of course it’s a nervous moment for the bride, that’s totally understandable, but any good bridal shop will help calm the nerves, not make you feel twice as stressed! These are situations that happen every day, all over the country, and as long as you are dealing with experienced staff and fabulous seamstresses it’s all going to be OK!

Buying off the peg can reduce some of the stress of situations such as above, compared to buying a made to order gown. If that sounds good to you then I’d love to help you find you dress – BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE


One of my favourite programmes to watch is Curvy Brides Boutique with the fabulous Jo and Al… I bloody love those girls! They are body positivity champions who frequently mention that every single bride deserves to find a dress that makes her look and feel fabulous, regardless or shape or size. I couldn’t agree more! Gok Wan has also got this down to a tee, as you’ll see in episodes of Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire. If you’re looking for something to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, either of these programmes are highly recommended!

So there you have it!

Oh just one final point I’d like to make. Bridezillas is brilliant for entertainment, but for the sanity of myself, my wedding industry friends, as well as your own friends and family… try to stick to sane rather than psycho during your own wedding planning! 😉 x