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Wedding dress with accessories and make up

Planning Your Perfect Bridal Look – What Comes First?

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, so it’s no wonder deciding how you’re going to look can be tough! There are so many different styles to choose from and we all have different tastes, so when you’ve narrowed down your favourite bridal look where do you start with making it happen? Wedding dress, jewellery, hair accessories, bridal hair & make-up, bridal bouquet…there’s lots to think about, so we asked some of our fabulous supplier friends for their advice!

Make-up’s easy, that will go with anything…right?

“Your wedding dress sets the whole tone of your wedding day style, once you’ve picked your perfect gown then it’s time to think about how your hair and make-up can complement it.”

Flashkate Bridal Make-Uphttp://www.flashkate.com/

But there’s this gorgeous hairstyle I’ve seen on Pinterest…

“I always recommend that brides come for their hair trials after they have chosen their dress as the hairstyle should complement and complete their look. Similarly, I don’t advise for them to buy anything for their hair until they are completely happy with the chosen style. That way they can choose something to fit perfectly into their hair.”

Kate Atalay Bespoke Hairstylinghttps://www.kateatalay.co.uk/

Can’t I just buy bridal accessories as and when I see them?

“I know it might be tempting when you’re walking down the high street and there’s a sale on hair accessories but please honestly, stop yourself and ask, how do I know if this will go with my dress? The answer is you won’t unless you have found ‘the one’!

Do you want to create the ultimate version of you on your wedding day? Of course you do! And in order to ensure that you look and feel fabulous on your wedding day, everything should be carefully considered and co-ordinated. Having your wedding dress is vital to making sure that the details of your gown can be taken into consideration when choosing any of your bridal accessories, whether that be headwear, jewellery or a belt. It means that you can absolutely nail your wedding day look with confidence.”

Rachel Sokhal Bridal Accessorieshttp://rachelsokhalbridal.com

What about my wedding bouquet?

“Usually when a florist meets a bride, she has already purchased her bridal gown.  A florist will ask specific questions such as colour and type of dress fabric (this can be matched to the bouquet handle).  If a bride has found a florist she wants to book before purchasing her dress, then this information can be passed onto the florist later on, once the dress is found for the big day!

Styles of skirt and neckline are also important to know, and if the dress has any embroidery/detail which she wants to show in the photos.  As much information as possible is really helpful, so the florist can advise accordingly and provide the most suitable bouquet. This link gives an excellent guide for brides to find the right bouquet for your dress shape.”

Flowers by Suzanne Randellhttps://www.flowers-by-suzanne.co.uk/

So there you have it ladies, your dress is definitely the place to start! When you’re ready I’d love to help – and when to start shopping is a whole other topic we’ve covered here – don’t forget to get in touch with our wonderful supplier friends too!