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Bridal shop appointment

How Many People Should I Take to a Bridal Appointment?

Eek, you’re getting married! Time to get a massive entourage of close family and friends together to go wedding dress shopping, right? Woah lovely bride to be, hold your horses and read on…

Date for the Diary

Have you ever tried to arrange a social get together and found how hard it is to find a day and time that works for everyone? The same applies here. Whether it’s work, childcare or other commitments there’s always something that needs to be considered and the higher the number of people you’re trying to involve, the harder it will be. Don’t start the process off by stressing yourself out before you even get to the boutique!


Just like us fabulous females, bridal shops come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are small and perfectly formed, others are large and spacious. It’s worth bearing in mind however that the larger the boutique, the higher the chances there will be more than one appointment happening at the same time.  It’s a good idea to check how many people can be accommodated, otherwise you could end up filling the room with people and restricting the amount of space you have to browse the dresses comfortably.

Organised Chaos!

You know when you go shopping with friends, you enter the shop and you all seem to naturally scatter in different directions? You guessed it, the same happens in bridal shops! The difference here though is that you’re looking for the most important dress of your life rather than a new top from the high street. I’m going to sound like some kind of strict teacher here, but the thing is you really need to focus and listen to what the bridal consultant has to say. If you’ve got people running off left right and centre pulling out dresses at random, it will be hugely distracting for you and they’ll also miss out on any key information that you need to know before making your selection to try on… then often they’ll ask questions later on about stuff that’s already been covered! In addition, you’ll probably notice the bridal shop staff frantically putting dresses back in place to help ensure it looks just as lovely for the next appointment as it did when you arrived.

Too Many Cooks…

Second opinions are vital when you’re making such an important decision, but too many of them can be confusing rather than helpful. Everyone has different tastes, so whilst one person thinks you look incredible another might think you look awful. Don’t believe me? Watch an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” and you’ll see what I mean! The people you bring for their opinions should be carefully chosen – focus on making sure you have the opinions that matter the most rather than trying to get the opinions of lots of different people.

Feel the Pressure

Another reason not to bring loads of people is that dependent on the type of person you are, you could be swept along with their opinions rather than making a decision for yourself. If you have 6 people all in tears saying you look amazing then it has to be “the one” right? You get carried away, buy the dress… then wake up the next morning regretting it because you know deep down it’s not the right dress for you.

Finally, in case you’re wondering, at Townhouse Bridal we’d recommend 2-3 people as a maximum and we have a comfy sofa all ready for them! You definitely need second opinions but think “quality over quantity”. We want you to have a fabulous time choosing your wedding dress but it’s also a process that needs to be taken seriously. Save the craziness for the hen do!